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We grow and maintain an interactive knowledgebase utilizing articles authored by industry professionals from across the United States and Canada, providing useful information to consumers relating to every aspect of buying, building, and maintaining a new home.   As a result we raise the bar of excellence within the homebuilding industry.


Wiki (noun) a website allowing users to add and edit content, allowing the information to be a collaborative group effort.

Homebuilding (adjective) pertaining to, or associated with the building of homes or the homebuilding industry.

WikiHomebuilding (verb) participating by: researching, asking questions, learning, or adding to the knowledge base for all things relating to buying, building and maintaining a new home.


Building a New Home – Buyer's Wiki* Benefits everyone planning to build a new home or buy new construction.  

New Home Construction Wiki (Build Wiki*) Guides buyers though the actual construction process.  

Green Home Building Wiki (Green Wiki*) Defines many aspects of green homebuilding.

Operator's Manual Wiki (Maint. Wiki*) Operator’s manual, maintenance tips, greener living guide

Home Projects Wiki   Remodeling and home projects

Blog a Build Wiki   Blogs about building projects

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We constantly seek articles from industry and homebuilding professionals.  In addition to working with pros we know, we search related websites and blogs for quality content asking those authors if they would like to contribute.  There is also a component of the knowledgebase written by homebuyers and owners relating their experiences, both positive and negative.

All article content is protected by copy-write law.  No content may be reproduced in any way without prior written permission from the content owner.


UPDATE(S)  this is simply our term denoting reader comments.    


Articles and updates go through a moderation process before being posted. The editor at WikiHomebuilding.com reserve the right to disallow content deemed to be inaccurate, misleading, slanderous, etc.


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The editor has worked in the residential and light commercial construction industry since 1972 and has worn the hats of; laborer, subcontractor, field supervisor, land development supervisor, warranty mechanic and manager, sales rep, team-building facilitator, construction consultant, operations manager and director of construction.   Past employers and clients include a national production builder, custom homebuilders, a sustainable/affordable urban housing developer and an entrepreneurial builder in Warsaw, Poland.

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