Advertising may someday be sustained through advertising revenue from the Yellow Pages ads. We want to provide our clients with the best advertising value possible, so at present we are not taking or publishing ad orders because we’d rather increase the knowledgebase and gain some readership first.   

Ads will be placed from anywhere in North America; consumers looking for services will narrow their search to a city or region, making it easier to find advertisers nearby.   

Pricing for ads will be cheap when and if we decide to charge for them. Presently, you must submit articles for publication or add useful commenting to an existing article.

Advertising strategy 1: Be one of the first to list services in your area and you will get noticed.  

Advertising strategy 2: If your category has many listings, upgrade your ad to a featured ad (when featured ads becomes available) and it will stand out. 

Advertising strategy 3: Get a head start on the competition by sharing your expertise and submitting articles.   

About ad listings:      

All Yellow Pages ads include: contact information, a description section*, a link to client’s website, and spot for a photo** or company logo**  

Clients create their own ads by clicking the Place Ad button in the Yellow Pages directory. When an ad is submtted for approval, an invoice is emailed. Once credit card payment is received, the ad is posted in the Yellow Pages.     

Our ad listings are unique in that our ad clients can modify their ad (as often as they like) with out additional cost. This is great for running “specials” or just changing up the ad wording every few months.  (Ad revisions have to be approved by the advertising department before they reappear in the system.) We’ll email a special key that allows each client to modify their ad(s) from their own computer.   

Featured ad upgrade  

Clients may eventually be able opt to have their ad posted as a featured ad which includes the following:     

  • Featured ads are prioritized above ALL other ads in the display.
  • Search results always display featured ads first (if featured ad matches the search criteria)
  • Featured ads always display at the top of any category.
  • Featured ads will be the first in any list when users are just casually browsing ads

The benefit of a Featured ad is simple.  Featured ads get noticed and are clicked on more frequently.  A sample of a standard ad and featured ad are shown in the General category of the Yellow Pages.  The featured ad upgrade cost will be posted soon.    

Indirect Referrals:   

Referrals are considered by some to be the holy grail of advertising.  You can’t get referrals with advertising dollars. You get them just by doing your job well.  Indirect referrals are basically you pointing a prospect to you in a totally professional way.  

  • Step one: Author articles. Writing articles will increase a company’s exposure.  Well written, interesting articles help maintain (or establish) the author as an authority in their field.  This increases the likelihood that  a consumer will seek out and take action on an ad the author’s company places in the Yellow Pages.  It makes sense to share knowledge by submitting  articles.
  • Step two: Just ask your prospect to check out  This can be done verbally or you can provide a simple business card***   

 Note: ads can reference articles authored by a company representative   

  • Example: see article by J. Doe   

Similarly, authors can point readers to their company ad from their author bio      

  • Example: learn more about J. Doe’s business, “ABC Realty”, in the Realtor category of the Yellow Pages    

*Description section of an ad can be up to 750 characters (including spaces) long. We suggest writing your ad in a word processing program where you can easily get a character count.  Then copy and paste the text into the Place Ad description box.  Be sure to double check the description box to verify character count before submitting the ad.  The Integrity Homebuilding Solutions ad in the General section of the Yellow Pages is about 750 characters.   

** Photos and pictures must be sized at approximately: 150px wide by 150px high (square).    If they are not square, or are smaller, they may become distorted or fuzzy when loaded into the site. If you need to maintain a smaller picture size, consider putting on a background of the required size behind your photo. If your photo is larger than the specified size of approximately: 150px wide by 150px high (square)   it may be cropped arbitrarily.      

*** Business cards are a great way to point someone to  We suggest something as simple as a plain white card with just the website address as shown in the sample below. You can send out to a printer or print them from your own computer. For results similar to the sample, use red and blue bold 22 pt fonts in Times NewRroman and Calibri styles. 


Sample business card