Foundation-Basement Selection Sheet

Use the foundation-basement selection sheet to define specifications for the foundation and basement of your new home. Not all choices will be available with all homebuilders. foundation-basement selection

  • The “Selections” tab (bottom) reveals a form with selection preferences checkboxes you can mark to indicate your foundation-basement selection choices.
  • The “Options” tab reveals a list of option considerations that might be available too you.
  • The “Related” tab lists some options that are not part of the foundation, but are often discussed with foundation-basement selections.
  • The “Consider” tab reveals other specification details that you will want to be sure to clarify. 

You can fill out the forms and use a snipping/clipping tool or screen capture to save them to your own file. Or, you can click the Excel Web App® icon (right of tabs) and download the entire form, save it to your file of choice and/or include it in a OneNote® notebook to organize your build.

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