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Greener living tips-water heater-water use inside and outside your home can have a significant impact on your water bill. Water conservation also has a positive impact on our natural resources.





  • Set your water heater at 120 degrees if your dishwasher has a water booster heater. If not, set the water heater at 140 degrees. Lower the setting whenever you will be away from home for extended periods. Instructions are generally right on the front panel of the water heater. For every 10° you set back your water heater temperature, you cut energy use 3 to 5 percent
  • Follow the steps outlined in the manufacturer's directions for draining water from your water heater in order to remove accumulated hard-water scale that builds up inside the tank. Timing will depend on the nature of your water supply.
  • Avoid running water continuously while doing dishes, washing up, brushing teeth or shaving. Try filling up the sink and using the stopper instead.
  • Wrap the hot water pipes coming out of your water heater with insulation. Wrap those pipes nearest the heater first for greatest savings.
  • Correct plumbing leaks, running toilets, or dripping faucets ASAP.
  • Keep faucet aerators clean.
  • Water your lawn as infrequently as possible
  •  If you have a swimming pool, consider using solar heating power.




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