Find the Right Homebuilder-Needs and Wants–Part 2 of 5

needs and wantsIn part 1 of this series we presented a case for doing the following before finding your homebuilder:

  • Setting your new home purchase budget
  • Deciding the type of home your want
  • Choosing the area where you want your new home built

In this, part 2 of the series, we suggest that you clarify some additional details before your begin the builder search. In addition to the information we provide, there will be a number of resources available through links at the bottom of the article.

Again let us remind you: The process of finding the right homebuilder for you is not just a matter of following the steps outlined in this series. If by following these steps our logic says you shouldn’t consider a particular builder, but you have a ‘feeling’ about them, by all means keep them on your list! Trust your gut and listen to that small voice in your head.

Needs and Wants

Needs and wants will vary from buyer to buyer and they can change over time. In cars, for example, I used to think I wanted air conditioning and an automatic transmission in my new car; now I need both the air and the automatic transmission. The same can be said of housing needs and wants. Today I may want a first floor master suite, but if became disabled before I build, I would say I need a first floor master suite.

The key is to recognize the difference between a need and a want. Make a list using the Needs and Wants Worksheet from the resource section below.

You may also want to include some of your needs and wants as criteria for selecting your builder. Suppose you or a family member is hypoallergenic, one of the things you may look for in your builder’s repertoire is experience in specialized building products and construction methods; so you would add this as criteria on your Homebuilder Rating Worksheet. (Resources – below)

Put your budget and needs to work buy evaluating builders who can meet both. If there is still a gap between your budget and needs, you can prioritize your wants list and add the new information to the homebuilder evaluation process.

needs and wants

Sample Needs and Wants worksheet

Types of homebuilders

There are many different types of homebuilders here is a shortlist of builder types with a brief description:

  • Production or tract builders – stock plans, little customization, sometimes lower prices
  • Semi-custom builders – more plans, more options, flexible specifications
  • Custom builders – unlimited plans, unlimited options, custom specifications
  • Specialty builders – specialize in green homes, log homes, pre-fabricated homes, etc.

Your budget, needs and wants should guide you to the type of homebuilder that will be best for your situation.

Summary of Part 2

  • Determine your needs and wants
  • Determine, if possible, the type of homebuilder that bests suits you


In Part 3: Starting your list of potential homebuilders

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