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Picking up where I left off before I was sidetracked. The lawn is in and the plumbing and electrical inspections are complete, I can now set up the certificate of occupancy (C. of O.) inspection.  At the appointed time I meet the code enforcement officer (CEO) at the house.

Everything goes well, but he is still not sold on the foam insulation in the block basement wall. He asks for a statement from the architect saying that it meets energy code. He also needs a signed statement from fireplace installer saying the fireplace is installed per code and per manufactures installation instructions.

Neither item will be an issue since I have dealt with both of them before. So, ok looks like we will be all set with the C. of O. That is always a happy milestone in the process!

Jenn sets up a final walk through with the buyer and schedules the cleaner. Larry continues to work on pouch-out items. I schedule the painter for paint touch-ups and the hardwood vendor to put the third and final coat on the floors.

The morning of the walk through, I organize warranty information for the buyer at the house. Larry and I are present for the walk through, which I treat as much as an orientation as an inspection. I point out things like water shut-offs under the sinks, the function of safety features like GFI and AFI outlets, smoke and CO2 detectors. I discuss the sump pump, outside hose hookups, the water heater, the furnace and filter, the thermostat and I review warranty procedures. The inspection takes about an hour and a half.

As we go through the house I note small items needing adjustment, completion, or correction on the walk-thru list, Larry is right there to make many of the corrections on the spot.  Also as we go through, he asks the homebuyer where they would like their towel bars and toilet paper holders.

At the conclusion of the walk-thru, I review the list with Jenn and she expedites work orders to subs and vendors as needed. Jenn and I work collectively to get them back as needed to complete the list as quickly as possible.

Sandi prepares the final numbers for the closing and keeps Jenn and me informed as to when the bank, attorneys, and the customer are going to meet.

The morning of the closing, Larry puts the permanent lock on the front door and Jenn schedules the cleaner for a touch up.

When the customer has been living in the house for thirty days, Jenn will schedule an appointment for Larry and me to me at the buyer’s new home.  The purpose will be to see if anything needing adjustment or correction has turned up since they moved in.

Dan’s grand experiment turned out to be a success! He sold the model and two other homes as a result of starting this house without a buyer.ext3ext2


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At the time this home was built, Paul was Operations Manager for Heritage Homes in Syracuse, NY. He is former Director of Construction at Housing Visions, a Syracuse NY based not-for-profit affordable housing developer. Paul is presently Editor of You can contact Paul at: Paul AT WikiHomebuilding DOT com

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